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Jordyn adams


What are fashionable sunglasses for summer 2012?

I want to buy some fashionable sunglasses for summer 2012, what do you recommend? I am female.
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  • Eleven


    There are several kinds of sunglasses that would be fashionable for Summer 2012. Cat eye sunglasses will remain fashionable for Summer 2012. For Summer 2012, sporty sunglasses will be popular with everyone, not only sportsmen. Sunglasses with gradient lens will also be a trend for Summer 2012.
  • James green


    Here are some fashionable sunglasses for you to choose from: Sophisticated Lady,Color Blocking,Pretty Kitty,Lovely in Lavender. You can search them in google. I think the most fashionable one is Sophisticated Lady.
  • candylndsuicide


    There are certain types of sunglasses that are really trendy for most people, such as the vintage glasses and aviator sunglasses, as well as those cat eye glasses, round glasses and nerd glasses. Secondly, you can buy some bright-colored sunglasses. Because bright colors would help to make you look more fresh in hot summer. At last, you can also buy some big sunglasses, which is a ever-lasting fashionable sunglasses type for you to choose.