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Can a vitamin d deficiency affect eyesight

If i lack of vitamin D, will it affect my eyesight? What eye problems will happen to me?
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  • Luke shelley


    General speaking, the lack of vitamin D will not affect the eyesight. But it may cause the eye diseases when you deal with the lack of vitamin D.Vitamin D can adjust the body of calcium phosphorus metabolism, promoting calcium and phosphorus absorption in the intestinal and maintaining its proportion balance to make bone matrix be in normal work. If you lack vitamin D, calcium in the body will not easy to be absorbed. At this time, there may cause a lot of diseases. You'd better go to add the calcium. However, you must pay attention to the complement of vitamin D and calcium. They should be moderate because the excessive high blood calcium may have harmful effects, such as corneal calcium calm, optic neuritis, optic atrophy as well as joint meningeal and kidney and other calcium composure. This will affect your eyes normal work through the nerves.
  • handsomestudgw


    Of course yes, it could affect eyesight when you do not intake enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is associated with reduced risk of macular degeneration. It is a eye problem that leads to the loss of central vision, but it does not lead to complete blindness, as peripheral vision is not affected. Blurry vision is possible with lack of vitamin D as well. Additionally, it could increase the risk of getting eye infection, diabetes, which could lead to not only blood vessel damage but also small arteries supplying blood to the eyes. The best source of vitamin D is the sunlight, and you can intake from milk, fish and others.
  • warren


    Vitamin D will affect your eyesight when you lack it. Vitamin is very close to our eye health. When you lack Vitamin D, it will cause cataract, parenchymatous keratitis, corneal ulcer, vesicular keratitis, blepharospasm and so on. What is more, if you are just a kid, you may have high myopia. So in order to avoid this happening, what you should do is to supply your body with enough vitamin D via different ways such as eating more milk, sea food, vegetables. But you should be careful because if you have too much vitamin D, it will do harm to your eyesight as well. So take care of yourself.