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What is the format of those blue sunglasses yellow frame that skiers use in Vancouver?

What brand and model??Cross Country skiers, principalente Swedes use ...
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  • 04/13/2012

    If this is the photos is the Oakley Radar, which is customizable including the site of Oakley and the Swedes use the yellow and blue are the colors of his country. Other athletes also use other colors, especially in speed skating, but always the same model. Regards, Ian ... imag ... (as the first link is too big it seems is incomplete, but cllica three times faster over the link and paste in the browser that opens the right page) (this site you can customize with the colors you want)
  • crazy_durr


    Well, I don't know what brand they belong to. But there are many this kind of sunglasses in eyeglasses stores. If you like, you can buy them in any eyeglasses shops or online. I think blue sunglasses with yellow frames are more outstanding. Maybe this is the reason why so many people have a crash on them.