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Why does my eye color change daily?

It is very interesting that my eye colors changes daily, is that normal? Is that good for me?
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  • Ieff


    Wow, it is really cool that the eye color change daily. In common, the color of the eyes are born to be. And there is no other factors that can change the eye color unless you wear colored contact lenses. But the look of the eye color can be slightly changed according the color of your clothes, hat, environment, light as well as your mood etc. If your eyes color are changes daily itself, you'd better consult a eye doctor.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Your eyes change daily? Really? That is unbelievable! I always know that it is normal that people' s eye colors sometimes will change but I have no idea that they can even change daily. But I am sure this just does no harm to ur health and everything is fine. As u may know, there are so many things that decide your eye color. But, the main reason that cause your eye color to change should be your changing pupil size. People' s pupil sizes usually change when they are in different situation so sometimes your eye color just also goes with this change.
  • Star Travis


    Well You haven't given much information on what colors they change but it sounds like you have "hazel eyes" with hazel eyes your eyes on just blue or brown or green or amber but are a mixture and some days depending on the color you wear or how bright it is outside could alter the shades or hues your eye color appears to be. contrasting colors tend to bring out their opposites. EX: If you have dark green eyes but brown hair they may appear to just be a light brownish color but if you dye your hair red it is more likely make the green in your eyes pop.

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