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Debbie Morton


What are night vision goggles used for?

My brother gets me a pair of night vision goggles as my birthday gift but I have no idea of how it works. What are they used for?
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  • hand_and_soul


    As the name implies, night vision goggles are used at night. Usually, night vision goggles are made with night vision lenses that can help you see better at night or in dark place. If you often drive or do some work at night, night vision goggles are the best tool to shield your eyes.
  • walkerpaul


    You must be very happy to received gift. The night vision goggles are usually a equipment for using at night so as to shield eyes from halos from many light. Also, you can get a better and more clear vision by wearing night vision goggles. Anyway, it is a good device that to help people at night.