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What are unique eyeglasses for girls?

I am looking for some unique eyeglasses for girls. I don't want glasses that are worn by many people. Do you have any suggestion?
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    Everyone want to be unique so as to standing out from a crowd of people. But fashion trendy glasses are usually worn by lots of people. So, If you want unique eyeglasses for girls, you shall avoid to choose the most popular eyeglasses frames. From this point, you can choose some retro vintage eyeglasses frames like nerd glasses for geek look. Or you can choose some avant-garde flowery eyeglasses to distinct you from others.
  • carter


    unique glasses are those that are one-of-a-kind or rare and hard to find. While fashion glasses are very popular with many people. In my opinion, unique eyeglasses should be those that their price either be too high or too low, which make them unique. In this case, these glasses from designer brands are usually much more pricy than ordinary ones, so few people will go for them. For me, I just get the cheap fashion eyeglasses because I am unable to afford the designer glasses. However, the most important is to get glasses that just suit you properly.
  • Trinity rose


    First off, orange glasses are unique. You are not likely to bump into another guy donning the same glasses as you go to school or work. That sets you apart and makes you tip from all your peers and friends. Secondly, the color orange is perfect for block sunlight and they are easy on our eyes, which makes our eyes comfortable looking through it.

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