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Where can I get Chinese wholesale glasses online?

I have heard that most Chinese glasses are quite cheap and I decide to get some for sale. Where can I get Chinese wholesale glasses online?
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  • David Thomson


    Seeking Overseas Sourcing Business Partners

    About Us
    We are a China-based E-Commerce trading platform (similar to and, with millions of products online, and millions of US dollars in sales completed each year. We are looking for retail and/or wholesale business partners, to grow our presence in the global market.

    Our company is located in the Beijing Technology District, with over 1000 employees and millions of sellers on our platform.

    We are looking for business partners who can advise us on how to build an effective online overseas-sourcing community. We prefer partners with direct connections to the wholesaler/retailer community and any appropriate marketing channels that can reach our customers.

    A $100K budget has been set aside for initial market development, as well as the necessary resources to keep the community live and well. The profits can then be re-invested to continue the overall growth of the community.

    In regards to compensation, there are a number of possibilities. Some of which includes compensation based on performance, the sharing of sales trends and market data, and/or any exchange of general services.

    Contact Us
    Please drop us a line, and we will follow up with your inquiry right away.

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  • Michelle percy


    Yes, glasses from Chinese are quite cheap compared the eyeglasses in our America. And their glasses frames looks nice. Here are some sites that provide wholesale Chinese glasses:,, And i find some reviews at You can have a look. Good luck
  • Linda


    There are several web sites you can go to search them, such as and Stauff on these web sites are sold in bulk, so they are very cheap. However, when you go to get glasses from the wholesale online web sites, you should consider whether they are reliable or not. You can judge them by taking their reviews into account. I often get cheap glasses from or You can try to search your goods from them. I believe you can find glasses you like there.

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