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Why do so many people like thick rimmed glasses?

It sorta bugs me when I see people where those thick rimmed glasses. Are such glasses quite fashionable now?
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  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    It seems that thick rimmed glasses are very popular in large number of people. Some people looks great in thick rimmed glasses. In fact, thick rimmed glasses are usually made in a very simple style but looks pretty and idiotic especially for young. Besides, thick eyeglasses are made of light weight plastic materials which give people comfortable wearing. That make thick eyeglasses frames get rid of the words like "dull", "stupid". Now, they are one type of fashion eyeglasses.
  • walksonthabeach


    Thick rimmed glasses are very popular these days. Maybe they think people with that kind of glasses look very cool. Some people do look cool with thick rimmed glasses. While other people just follow the trend to get thick frame glasses to wear even if they look weird on these people. For me, there is no need to follow others' step. Just choose one that suit you best.
  • Zoe


    Thick rimmed glasses are also called nerdy eyewear. Some people like this kind of style very much, but others are not. Thick rimmed glasses are so popular among students. Moreover some youth also like this style.
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