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Do you think thick frame glasses on a guy look cool?

I just cant decide whether i should get thick frame glasses or the small metal ones that blend in with your face. Do you think thick frame glasses on a guy look cool?
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    It is hard to say. Whether thick framed eyeglasses look cool on a guy depend on their face shape and personalities and outfits. For some young and rock people, wearing a pair of thick eyeglasses frames, plain T-shirt and jeans can make them very cool and handsome. But for a mature and gentle men, thick glasses frame may make them look like a pedant. And they may more cool and handsome with a pair of small metal eyeglasses frames.
  • chained_destiny


    That depends. I admit that not everyone are suitable for thick framed glasses. Some people do look cool with thick frame eyeglasses on while other people may look stupid or just like a nerd when they wear thick frame glasses. Thick frame glasses are not only for guy, they also preferred by many girls. If you want to see whether the glasses with thick frames will suit you, you'd better try them on and you will know whether they will look cool on you. You can also take a friend with you and he will give you an honest opinion about this.

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