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Could I get contact lenses prescription at eye exam?

I am going to have eye exam tomorrow,and I wonder when I am getting my eye exam for glasses, can i just tell him that i want to try contacts also so that he can give me contacts lenses prescription?
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  • Brooke peters


    Yes, you may state that you use this prescription for contact lenses defore the eye exam. Actually, there is no difference in prescription of eyeglasses and contact lenses, except for the base curve power which determines by the size of your eyes. You cannot directly use the prescription for eyeglasses to buy contact lenses. The power for eyeglasses is stronger than that of contact lenses, for it is placed at 12mm from your eyes while contact lenses placed directly on your cornea.
  • b2sweet16


    Sure. If you tell your doctor that you want your prescription for both glasses and contacts, he will check your eyes for both during the eye exam. Then you can get both glasses and contact lenses from your doctor. Or you can just get your glasses there and take your contact lens prescription to other optical store to get your contact lenses.
  • Nicholas carter


    Yes you can.Tell him you also want to try the contact lenses before the exam and he will check your eyes for both glasses and contacts during the exam.
  • emily_109


    You can. They just need to measure the base curvature of your eye apart from the regular procedures for glasses.

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