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Cassidy campbell


Can I wear my glasses upside-down?

The prescription for my eyes is O.S. -3.25,O.D. -3.00.But my doctor told me that the prescription for my new pair of glasses is O.S. -3.00 O.D. -3.25.Is it OK for me to wear them upside down?
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  • williams


    Generally speaking, the prescription on your lenses should be made exactly the same as your prescription. You'd better take them back to your eye doctor and check if they have done with the wrong prescription.
  • walkendeath


    It will make you look strange if you wear them upside-down. Maybe your prescription has changed. Try wearing your new glasses. If there is no problem, then you are safe to wear them alll the time. If you find uncomfortable to wear them, you should take your glasses back to your doctor to have the prescription re-checked.
  • Paul Hathone


    I think the 0.25 difference will not matter much.But if you feel any discomfort,go to visit your doctor.

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