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Why does my eye hurt when I blink?‎

when I blink my left eye, not looking around, it will hurt. There is no swelling or redness in eyes.
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  • b3autiful___


    If you get eye pain when you blink, you'd better go to see an ophthalmologist to figure out the underlying cause. In most cases, eye pain can be related to some health problems including infection and other eye conditions. You may probably get a slight abrasion or scratch on the cornea of your eye, which cause your eye hurt when you blink. Then the doctor will prescribe some antibiotic ointment for you to help your damaged cornea heal.
  • Dazza


    There are some different reasons that will cause eye pain when you blink eyes. I would like to suggest you to visit an eye doctor. If you have very serious eye pain, you'd better go to an emergency room for more rapid evaluation. According to your description, maybe your eyes are scratched on the cornea, or the pain is caused by conjunctivitis which can be caused by either viruses or bacteria etc. So, the best way is to see eye doctor so as to know what happen to your eyes.

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