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What should I consider when purchasing motorbike goggles?

What should I look for when purchasing a good pair of motorbike goggles?
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  • Zachary eddy


    When you choose motorbike goggles, the first thing you must consider is the eye protection. Make sure motorbike goggles can protect your eyes from all UV rays and the strong light. Then the motorbike goggles should be comfortable to wear. As for the lenses, it is better to made of polycarbonate which is shatter resistant, thus can protect your eyes from being injured. Besides, the lenses should be anti fog to provide you clear vision.
  • Jacob adams


    To get a pair of suitable motorbike goggles, there are some factors that you must taken into considerations. In details, the motorbike goggles must be free of fog, impact resistant and can filter polarized lenses. Besides, motorbike goggles shall good seal so as to protect the eyes from debris, sands and insects. Besides, the frames of motorbike goggles must be strong and durable.

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