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What eye protection do I need when working with chemicals?

I am a laboratory worker and have to deal with some hazardous chemicals. What eye protection do i need?
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  • Erin jackson


    Exposing the eyes to splashes, vapors and fumes while working with chemicals can cause damage to your eyes. People should take some measures to protect their eyes from being injured when working with chemicals. Therefore people who often work with chemicals should wear safety goggles with direct ventilation which can protect their eyes against hazards from many directions. What's more, the safety goggles should have a coating to prevent the lenses fogging up. A face shield is also required when working with chemicals. They can protect the eyes, face, and neck from chemical splashes and flying particles. They can be used together with the safety goggles. Just wear safety goggles underneath the face shields.
  • Cassidy bell


    You can wear a pair of safety glasses to shield your eyes when you work. As the name implies, safety glasses are made for protecting the eyes from injuries in some environments. Most people may think that safety glasses are made for athletes in sports activities. In fact, there are also safety glasses that applied to people who work in a certain condition. So, get yourself a pair of safety glasses to keep your eyes away from hazardous chemicals.