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Samuel rodney


What are the disadvantage of plastic eyeglass frames?

What are the disadvantage of plastic eyeglass frames?
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  • Mohammad S.


    Plastic glasses frames are not suitable for high temperatures because the plastic can get melting when they are in a very high temperatures. Besides, even if plastic frame glasses are durable, they can also get broken easily when they are handled in a improper way. Therefore you should take good care of your plastic frame glasses. When you don't use them, you should put them in the glasses cases in case they get damaged.
  • Gillian


    Every coin has two sides, so do plastic eyeglasses frames. Yes, there are side effect of plastic eyeglasses frames. Compared metal eyeglasses frames, eyeglasses frames based on plastic are venerable to high temperatures. They are possibly to melting or out of shape in a very high temperatures. So, they are less durable than metal eyeglasses frames. Nevertheless, there are memory plastic eyeglasses frames that are shatter-resistant and durable.
  • Britney Bisson


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