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Christina nelson


Why does only one of my eyes twitch?

My right eyes just keep twitching. And i don't know why. What causes it?
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    It is so bad that your right eyes just keep twitching. Your eyes may get infection which may be the main reason for the twitching of the eyes. You need to do something to stop one eye twitch and avoid another one's infection. You could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and get rid of the invisible bacterium. At the same time, you could also eat the food with vitamin C which will be good for the eyes. You should keep the good habit of hygiene.
  • Richard


    Eye twitch means that your upper eyelid muscle has an involuntary muscle spasm causing a fluttery sensation. Generally, myokymia is idiopathic. However, everybody occasionally experiences eye twitching, which is attributed to lack of calcium. Generally, wait a while and it tends to resolve on its own. Besides, you can benefit from a balanced diet with more food that highest in calcium, such as cheese, sesame seeds, almonds, flax seeds green leafy vegetables, yogurt , milk and other dairy products. However, if eye twitching is constant and days when it is not present at all, as if there are periods or relapse, your should take the possibility of multiple sclerosis. Well,you can not know that for sure without any tests.
  • Zoe


    Ok, I can see that there is something wrong with you. Because generally speaking, we don't have twitching eyes, and they could be seen as a sign of health problems. Such as sleep deprivation, a lack of vitamins, some inner disorders, etc. Anyway, the causes of that is various and you'd better try to get some medical checkup to see what happened to your health. Hope you recover soon.

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