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Kevin percy


What are benefits of having hazel eyes?

I read online that hazel eyes are more wonderful that other eyes. So what are the benefits that i can get from hazel eyes?
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  • Michelle percy


    I also heard that the hazel eyes are more wonderful than other eyes because of the special color. The hazel eyes will look more charming. There are a lot of colored contact lenses with hazel color which attract a lot of people's favors. You could go to the online stores to have a look. The charming outlook makes the hazel eyes seem perfect.
  • Caitlin owen


    I searched something of people's thought of the hazel eyes. Somebody think that hazel eyes are green brown and a goldish brown. How else are they supposed to explain brown AND green eyes. Its hazel. And some answer are that Hazel eyes are not just brown they can come in shades of green blue and browns. "I should know because I have greenish blue eyes and they call them hazel because they do change colors when you are in different environments and or different color you wear. " A person said. In my opinion, the hazel eyes can let you become more and more fascinating. It is more steady than blue eyes and more fetching than black eyes. Answer for you is my pleasure, thank you very much!
  • chriso1984


    Ok, it seems that you are curious about what effects can hazel eyes bring to you. Anyway, from what I know, the darker our eyes are, the better their resistance to sunshine will be. For those who live around equator, they have black eyes, and they are less irritative to sunshine. And hazel eyes are relatively dark, which could provide you with good resistance to hot and sparkling sunshine. But you still have to protect your eyes from little things.

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