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How to keep your eyes relaxed?

My eyes feel so tired after reading novels. What should i do now? How can i keep my eyes relaxed?
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  • Jason


    It is easy for you to get tired after reading novels because of the long time tense state of eyes muscles. You could close the eyes for a while which will make your eyes get relaxed. You could also look far through the windows of tall buildings. In addition, the home remedy of warm compress will also be workable which will make your eyes feel relaxed. You could take all the above ones into consideration.
  • Kyle kirk


    It's too tired for your eyes after reading novels,and under this circumstances.The first point is to overlook in the free time and insist on doing some eye exercises when your eyes feel tired.The most simple way is to relax your brain slowly.Secondly.Pay attention to your usual habit of using eyes and let them take a break regularly.Try to avoid staying up too much.If you have to work at night in front of computer,please don't forget to drink some water every twenty minutes.Thirdly.Daily diet can make up what your eyes lack, such as Vitamin A,Vitamin C ,Vitamin D,friut and sea products which are good for your eyes.
  • Diane Bradstock


    Ok, according to what you said, I know you are very interested in reading books. But I shall remind you that things could be better if there are breaks at intervals and you must try to pay attention to your eye health by relaxing your eyes through taking breaks and getting more rest on a regular basis. Also, a healthy diet could be effective with your problem. Just try to strike a balance between your study and rest.