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Can astigmatism cause light sensitivity ?

I have astigmatism. Now, i also feel sensitivity to light. Why? Is it possible to get light sensitivity from astigmatism?
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  • Jonah


    Yes, your astigmatism will cause your light sensitivity because of the refraction. You need to do something to protect your eyes. You need to use the eyes drops to make your eyes get moisture. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. The right prescription of eyeglasses will make you get the right vision.
  • charlene1o2


    Yes, it is. These are the possible symptoms of astigmatism: 1.Photophobia - sensitivity to light. 2.Headaches. 3.Excessive squinting. 4.Eye strain 5.Blurred or distorted vision at all distances. 6.constantly closing eyes. Please take good care of your eyes, otherwise your situation will get worse. Here are treatments for astigmatism. 1. have corrective lens, whether frame glasses or contact lenses. 2.laser surgery if your conditions are suitable for it.
  • Christian


    Well, astigmatism can just lead to light sensitivity. And also, blurry vision can be possible. At this moment, I will suggest you wear contact lenses which are designed for astigmatism. In that way, it will do a better job to correct the astigmatism. So you can just have a try.

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