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Will the blackberry bring benefits to my eyes?

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  • Youijefd


    Blueberry has the effect of improving vision. At the same time, the blue pigment-anthocyanin contained in blueberry has the function of promoting micro-circulation of blood in the eye and maintaining normal intraocular pressure.
  • Iolpe


    Blueberry contains the carotene, which has a great effect on protecting vision. Carotene is a photosensitive substance in visual cells, which can be converted into vitamin A in human body, and can treat night blindness, dry eye disease and epithelial keratosis.
  • Opker


    All the nutrients in the blueberry are needed by the eyes. For example, anthocyanins, carotene and lutein have an important influence on vision protection. These nutrients account for a relatively high proportion in blueberries, so it is better to eat more blueberries.