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Cary Green


Why do my eyes hurt when i stand up?

My eyes feel hurt when i stand up. Is this normal? Or it is a sign of some eye problem? Any idea?
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  • Miranda


    It is not normal for you to have hurting eyes when you stand up. It is a sign of the eye problem. You may have the eyes infection at the eyes. The invisible bacterium causes your eyes infection. You need to use the eyes drops to release the symptom. At the same time, you could also find the clean cloth and hot water to cover on your eyes to make your eyes feel comfortable. This is the very good home remedy for your eyes.
  • crc32


    Looks like there is something wrong with your health. Generally speaking, we would not have such problem. Anyway, you gotta know if you have a disease recently. If not, you perhaps should consult a doctor and pay attention to your health as much as possible in order to prevent negative consequences. Try to take some exercise and vitamin pills, a better diet, is also needed for you.
  • Shelby


    At first, I thought it was anemia, but as we know that the symptom should be a temporary dizzing which is not like yours,so I think there may be problem in your blood. You can make a blood pressure test to find if it's a little high According to your description, if people feel eyes hurt when he stands up suddenly, it means his heart beats fast which causes blood to run so fast that his blood vessel there has broken. For my advice, you need to pay attention to your daily diets(meats should be less and keep balance in your nutrition) and keep exercising regularly. Hope that will help.