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Can I wear the contact lenses and frame glasses alternately?

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Answers (3)

  • Joile


    Alternating wear of contact lenses and glasses does little harm to your eyes and can minimize the rate of vision deterioration. But I think it's better for you to wear your contact lenses when you go out, but take them off and wash them when you return home, then wearing your frame glasses.
  • Hiulpduu


    There is no great impact, the degree of contact lenses and glasses sometimes have a certain refractive difference.When you wear glasses, the narrowing effect is more pronounced and the eye is less adaptable, but it has little effect on vision.
  • Plogwer


    The alternation between them will not affect your vision, but contact lenses can have some side effects on your eyes. I suggest you wear them as little as possible or not at all.