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Whenever I put sunglass on, my eyes start to ache after like five minuets, is that normal?

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  • 04/13/2012

    There may be some problems with your sunglasses.It is abnormal for eyes start to ache after five minutes whenever you put on the sunglass.The right sunglasses can prevent the UV rays so that it won’t do harm to your eyes.If the sunglasses can’t block the UV rays,your eyes may get sunburn,even go blind if serious.Now you should go to a glass store to let the optician check for you.
  • Noah james


    I think it is not normal to have eye aches after putting on the sunglasses. Sunglasses are designed to reduce headaches and protect our eyes. If they can't do that for us, one of the possible reasons might be that they are of poor quality and the other reason might be that the degrees of the sunglasses don't fit for your vision correction if they are a pair of prescription sunglasses.
  • walkingtragd


    Maybe your sunglasses are of poor quality. They can't block UV rays and glare for your eyes, so your eyes will aches even though you have worn them. If you just bought them for a few days, you can take them to where you bought them to check whether there is something wrong with your sunglasses. Or you can have other people to check the sunglasses for you. Some people can tell you whether you sunglasses are good or not. Or you can just take them to any one of the optical shops and ask the optician whether your sunglasses are of poor quality. I strongly suggest you to buy a pair of good sunglasses because only the good sunglasses can protect our eyes and avoid aches when we are exposed to the sun.
  • Beth


    Really? I have never experienced that situation but I often wear sunglasses. I have bought many prescription sunglasses. Every time I get new prescription, I will update my sunglasses. In the first few days, it was a little uncomfortable because the vision was very clear and I was not used to that. But I have never suffered from aches in my eyes. Do you wear other people's sunglasses? If they are a pair of prescription sunglasses, the prescription may not suit for your vision correction so your eyes may aches. I strongly suggest people not to wear other's sunglasses.