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Noah rupert


Can you wear contacts if your eyes are dilated?

I just take an eye exam and got dilation in my eyes,can I wear contacts instantly or should I wait until it is back to normal?
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  • Daniel christian


    The reason why eye doctors use dilation eye drops during eye examiations is to dilate the center of the eye so as to give doctors a better view of the back of patient's eyes. And this negetice effect would last only for several hours. Generally speaking, there is no problem to wear contact lenses soon after one got dilation drops in his eyes. But if the lenses are uncomfortable to wear or if the lens wearer is driving, he might have to wait and wear it when vision be back to normal.
  • Manette


    I got my eyes dilated and after exam they gave me contacts to wear, but it’s the next day and I still can not see objects clear close with my contacts on. I can however see far. Can my eyes still be a little dilated or can my contacts be messed up with the drops?
  • cliffistheshit


    It is fine to wear contacts if your eyes are dilated. Though you might not see clearly when your eyes are dilated, it won't hurt you. It will get back to normal for a while.
  • walkingcaine


    If your doctor allow you to wear, then it is ok. I once try to wear contact lenses just after the eye exam, but my eyes feel irritated and I had to take them out and wait for a while.

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