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What are the negative effects of eye exam?

Some doctors may use dilation eye drops during an eye exam,would this cause any negative effect?
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  • tuener


    The reason why eye doctors use dilation eye drops during eye examiations is to dilate the center of the eye so as to give doctors a better view of the back of patient's eyes. The dilation eye drops may cause vision impairment and blurred vision, but all of these negetive effect would last for several hours, it wouldn't effect your vision.
  • Makayla raphael


    While doing an eye exam, eye doctors may use dilation eye drops which will make the eye dilated to look into your eyes easily. However, the drops may cause negative effects, such as blurred vision and light sensitivity.
  • Rebecca


    During the eye exam, doctor will use dilating eye drops to make your pupil looks larger. Then it is easy for the doctor to examine the inside of the eyes and diagnose and treat eye diseases. Light sensitivity and blurry vision are the side effect of using dilating eye drops. However, Both side effects gradually disappear.
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