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Why can't i have lasik eye surgery?

I have really bad vision. And in recently, my vision become more and more serious. I want to take an lasik eye surgery to cure my eyes. But my eye doctor are not suggest me to take the surgery. She said my vision is not stable. What does it mean? Why can't i take the surgery?
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  • eagle_tester_3


    If your eyesight is not stable, you can do something to improve your eyesight though you have really bad vision. You can do some eye exercise every day. You can keep away from computers or TV. You can keep a balanced diet to provide your eyes with enough nutrients. Then you can apply for the lasik eye surgery to solve your vision problems after your eyesight is stable.
  • b1wdancer23


    If your eyesight is not stable, you can't take lasik eye surgery. lasik eye surgery will operate on the most delicate part of our eyes. If the surgery is done, we can do nothing to rectify it. There are many standard to justify whether you are a good candidate for lasik surgery. You'd better follow them to reduce any potential risks.
  • Rebecca


    Those who are pregnant, have diabetes, keratoconus and some other rare conditions may be prohibited to have eye surgery, but for most people the choice is theirs. Those under 18 need to wait, as the legal age for eye surgery for cosmetic reasons is 18. This is because eyes are still changing and developing until adulthood, so laser surgery would not be beneficial.
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