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Danai P.


How to store my sunglasses?

I love sunglasses and get a lot of them in my home. Now the big problem is I don't know how to store them.I have tried to put them in bags or boxes,but I can't find the pair I need directly.Do you have any solution?
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  • Austin gerard


    I stored my sunglasses in the sunglasses case in the dark place (in my wardrobe usually )cuz I am afraid of the effect of the coatings on the lenses would be lessen. Putting them in the bag or boxes may cause some scratches on your lenses.
  • walki


    Most of us definitely have more than one pair of sunglass. Therefore, how to store these sunglasses become a difficult but important problem. According to my own experience, I have several suggestions. In the first place, you should keep them clean. Choose the suitable cleaner and clean these sunglasses regularly. Secondly, you must put your sunglasses in their own cases when you are not using them. Remember to wrap a cloth around the lens, for they are very easily scratched. At last, you should put these sunglass cases in some clean, cool and dry places.