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Where to find non prescription cute fashion eyeglasses?

I really need some non prescription cute fashion glasses. I am 15 year old and don't have any vision problems. It is my first date with my boyfriend, so I want to impress him. Do you have any good suggestion?
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  • eomer_byrom


    Try to shop around in your local place and you will find some cute fashion eyeglasss without prescription at boutique. I often go to boutique to select some things cute and fashionable. And you can try them on there to see whether they are suitable for you.
  • Isabelle garcia


    There are many optical stores have cute fashion eyeglasses without presription. I know some of them, such as Claires, target, walmart and Costo. You can go to their websites to search the cute fashion eyeglasses without presription or you can go to their real store to get them.
  • equine_world


    Sweetie, if you are planning to hang out, I think a pair of sunglasses can work good to impress someone because some kinds of sunglasses really make us look cool. I bought a pair of this kind of sunglasses. They make me look cute. You can have a try too. Good luck!
  • Jerry H.


    Girl, I think you can wear a pair of frame to decorate yourself. Nowadays many people who don't have any vision problem will use frames to decorate themselves. It is a trend now. So you can follow this trend to make yourself your fashionable and cuter. Good luck!
  • Victor


    Sweetie, don't be that silly. If the boy loves you, he will accept the look when you don't wear a pair of glasses. You don't have any vision problems, so don't wear glasses. I think you can use other ways to decorate yourself. Your hair style and cloth account for a large portion in impressing another person. Good luck!
  • Elijah walker


    I am not a girl who is too much into my looking. I like what I am and I will not do any changes for my boyfriend, because my boyfriend told me that he hope that I like what I am when I am with him, and I can do what I like when I am with him. He is so nice. I like him very much. But I will recommend some cute fashion eyeglasses to you. You can live the way that you like. I should respect the way other people choose in their lives. Good luck!
  • walgru

    10/23/2013 I think the glasses sold by this store are more beautiful and stylish. I bought a pair of non prescription on it. They are very beautiful. I am quite satisfied with the style and quality. And there are some non prescription glasses too. you can have a look at,+CA.html. Some of the glasses on this website are very cute, you can have a look. But I haven't placed an order on this website. I don't know the quality of these products. So I can't give you any suggestions. I am sorry. The glasses sold by this store are not very fashion and beautiful, and they are very cheap. Since you don’t have any vision problems, I think you can have a try. You will not wear them day after day, so don't waste your money.

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