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Does playing video games cause eye twitching?

My eyes keep twitching and i can't stop it after playing in the entire afternoon. Does playing video games cause eye twitching?
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  • leigh sehr


    Playing games could definitely cause eye twitching. What is so called eye twitching? It means the eye lid, up lid or down lid or both, tics and spasms quickly and uncontrollably. Eye twitching comes and goes, yet it could last for weeks or even months. These rippling muscle contractions could be caused by eye strain, fatigue, stress, dryness, nutrition imbalance, alcohol, caffeine and allergy. In your situation, it might be caused by eye strain. Playing games for a long time could make your eyes red, dry, and even blurred vision. Your eyes work too hard for a long time. While you are playing games, the muscles of eyes are tightened with stress. If you let your eye muscles keep being tightened, it will get strained, and start to twitch. To avoid eye twitching, you should control your time of eye use. Don't play video games more than 2hours per day. Change your vision focus distance frequently to give your eyes a break. Doing eyes exercises would be great.
  • Alex


  • Hunter jackson


    The answer is yes, it's obviously keeping twitching and can't stop it after playing an entire afternoon video games. Because video games are easy to let us immerse ourselves in them, and make our eyes keep a strain condition for a long time, which affects the central nervous system and eventually all those factors together are likely cause eyelid twitches. But don't worry, there are some tips to be followed, if you wanna treat it. Play less video games, get some rest from time to time, also get enough sleep, exercise more, and eat healthier food. And the symptom will definitely go away soon.
  • Jerry H.


    Yes, playing video games too much will cause your eye twitching. The main reason of the eye twitching is the dryness of the eyes. When you look at the screen too much, your eyes will get dry at the cornea. In addition, you may get short sighted if you use the eyes too much time. You'd better take care of your eyes.
  • Alex


    Vidio games are good for you so ya

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