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Alisa O.


I got someone else's blood in my eye, is it ok?

I feel bad because i got someone else's blood in my eyes. Is it bad to my eyes? And is there anything i can do to help my eyes?
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  • Sara


    Of course, generally speaking, it can be fine to get some blood in your eyes. So you do not need to worry about it. for your situation, I will suggest you just wash your eyes with the pure water. Just wash your eyes carefully, so that the blood can be washed out of your eyes. And make your eyes open as big as you can. Also, you can take some eye drops in your eyes, so it can relieve the discomfort in your eyes. By the way, the blood can be irritants in your eyes, leading to eye infection. Anyway, take some measures as soon as possible.
  • Faith cook


    Really? So sorry to see that your eyes have got some blood from other people. Anyway, it is not good, because blood or some other things could blur your vision and give rise to some uncomfortable feelings, and if the person has AIDS, you are a dead man. So, for now, you need to thoroughly wash your eyes with saline and get some eye drops to deal with the problem.
  • cocreative


    If the blood from the guy who has no disease gets into your eyes, you just wash it out as soon as possible with clean water. If the blood is from the guy with some disease, you'd better go to wash it firstly and then go to have a full check on the eyes in the hospital. You must keep in mind that you should wash it immediately.

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