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Tyler charles


What to do when i get a little bit cement in my eye?

It is really painful, I get a little bit of cement in my eyes. What should i do now? Is there anything can help me?
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  • explosion_x3


    Well, it is dangerous to get cement into your eyes. As we know that the eyes are especially vulnerable to exposure to corrosive materials, and while any eye injury can be frightening, an injury of this nature should be dealt with quickly. For example, if cement particles get into the eye, you should have quick attention and treatment to prevent damage or blindness. First, you should flush the eye, continuously, with running water for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. Remember that this can be done using an eyewash station, if available. Also, just flush the eye until you receive medical attention. And then you should do some measures what the doctor tell you.
  • Sue Van Ess


    How do you clean a little cement out of your eye
  • Mona


    Oh my god, that sounds bad, because cement is one of the construction materials. As you can see cement is a stuff that could go solid after exposing to water and air. Anyway, it would be quite dangerous for you to get it into your eyes. Thus, right now, you should visit a professional eye clinic for reliable and timely treatment, they know what to do with your problem. Hope you recover as soon as possible.
  • Mya harris


    It is very dangerous for you to get the cement in your eyes which will make you feel painful at the eyes. You could use the clean water to wash it clearly. Then you could also use some eye drops to release the symptom to some degree after you wash the cement out clearly. You could use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.

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