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How to get rid of herpes in the eye?

I get some herpes on my eyes. It looks ugly. Is there any good way to remove the herpes in the eyes?
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  • Caleb


    Well, first, you should know that if you want to treat the herpes in your eyes, you need know the causes of this kind of diseases. Generally speaking, there are many causes which will lead to herpes in your eyes. And at the same time, the eye infection is the most common cause. So just pay more attention to the infection. For your situation, you can just use some cool teabags under your eyes for a few times everyday. I think it will relieve your situation after some days. Of course, you can just wear a patch to protect your eyes from the infection too. If your problem is serious, you need go and see the doctor as soon as possible, for they can be contagious. by the way, anti-viral eye drops and ointments are effective to treat superficial corneal infections.
  • Debra Havel


    The herpes of the eye is a kind of viral infection that is caused by cold virus. It can cause eye damage or vision loss if it is untreated. Hence, you should treat it promptly to avoid any risk. Hence, you can apply antiviral eye drops directly to treat it. Or you can consider drop corticosteroid eye drops to control herpes to affect the cornea.
  • cowboyfrom666


    Yes, the herpes will look ugly for you and they will make you feel painful. If you are treated with ribavirin infusion, you will get recovery for about ten days. And herpes is a kind of nature serious eyelid skin disease. You'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment as soon as possible. Besides the medical treatment, you should also keep notice of your diet, not eating the spicy food.

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