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Dylan duncan


What are effects of not blinking enough?

Is it bad to not blink eyes enough? If so, What are the side effects?
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  • cnpriest


    As we all know, blinking eyes can supply some water to our eyes, especially when our eyes are dry. If you do not blink your eyes enough, there will be two kinds of the problem you confronted. On one hand, without blinking enough, the cornea will get starved for oxygen, which also will make your eyes are very dry and uncomfortable. In addition, when your eyes feel dry and in order to supply enough water to your eyes, your eyes are easily get blurred. On the other hand, we all know that we will expose our eyes outside all day and many dirty and bacteria will come into your eyes, and at last the dirty will make your eyes get infected and ill. While blinking your eyes, the movement of the eyes has the ability to make the dirty and bacteria out of your eyes, namely, blinking your eyes can protect your eyes from bacteria. If you notice that you do not blink enough, then you can make your eyes blink factitious, also the eye drops are also helpful.
  • emptypayphone


    According to your description, your eyes lack of blinks. Anyway, it is not a good sign of health. So, you should pay more attention to your eyes. As a matter of fact, a lack of blinking could give rise to dry eyes, painful eyes, watery eyes, as well as some other problems. So, you should not ignore the problem. Maybe you should quit some bad habits such as playing video games for much too long.
  • Former Employee


    Blinking eyes is an involuntary reflex to relax your eyes and protect against some foreign objects. Without this protection, your eyes would become susceptible to infection and damage potentially, which having immediate and lasting effects on your eyes. Thus, you may get some eye problems, such as dry eyes and itchy eyes.