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Nicholas carter


How to stop excessive blinking in adults?

In recent days, i get twitching eyes and i can't control it. Can you tell me how to stop excessive blinking in adults?
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  • crusanov


    You know if you want to stop the excessive blinking, the first thing is that you should find out the reasons why you blink so much. Then you can undertake the excessive blinking by reasons. First of all, dry eyes are one of the most common reasons why you blink more. According to the pros, as usual, the tear glands stop to function properly and secrete lower tear than needed, which will cause dry eyes and excessive blinking. Consequently, you can think about some ways to supply enough water to eyes, such as using eye drops and look some distant green plants. Of course, there is also another important reason why want to blink more than usual. For example, the eyelid spasms also cause the excessive blinking. However, we know the spasms are muscle movements that we cannot control, but the time is short. As a matter of the fact, we should stop the eyelid spasms by taking in some vitamins.
  • Derek T.


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes. Anyway, a proper amount of blinking is absolutely natural and necessary because it would keep your eyes healthy and moist. However, if you have excessive eye blinks, then perhaps there are some problems with your eyes, maybe something in relation to your visual nerves. Anyway, the problem should not be underestimated and you need to see a doctor.
  • erinpoo130


    Blinking 15-16 times in one minute is a normal situation, which could help clean the surface of our eyeball. Yet if the frequency of blinking increases to 30-40 times per minute, it is a condition termed as excessive blinking. Blinking could transport tears, which are produced by tear glands in the upper eyelid, to the surface of eyeball. Tears could kill bacteria and help wash our eyeball. Excessive blinking could happen to one eye or both. Looking for the cure to stop it, we have to know the roots for it. Dryness of eyes, presence of foreign objective, eyelid spasms, eyesight problems, brain disorders and anxiety could all lead to excessive blinking. If it is caused by dryness, take some eye drops and drink a large quantity of water could help relieve it. In some cases, the symptoms just go without any treatment. It is not worrisome. But if your symptoms keep staying, I suggest you go to hospital to find out the exact reason for proper treatment. After all, if it is caused by brain disorders, it is complicated more than we could understand. Taking good care of our eyes is a must.