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What do you prefer, laser eye surgery or glasses?

I have myopia. Now, i am thinking about a laser eye surgery. So, i am here just to collect some ideas. Laser eye surgery or eyeglasses, which do you prefer to ?
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  • Brian Clem


    I prefer to wear glasses because of the risk and side-effect of the laser eye surgery. It is true that the laser surgery can effectively correct myopia, but you will suffer from the side effect in the days to come. In many cases, the laser surgery damages the nerves that stimulate tears, which leads to dryness in your eyes. So after the surgery, you may depend on eye drops every day. Using eye drops in the long term will result in chronic eye inflammation. Besides, floater, double vision, foggy vision, poorer night vision and even loss of sight are also the side effects of the surgery.
  • Makayla raphael


    Personally speaking, I prefer wearing glasses to laser eye surgery. Glasses do have some disadvantages such as inconvenience and fragile, but compared with those of laser eye surgery, eyeglasses are much safer and healthier. Firstly, laser eye surgery is very expensive and at the same time risky, and it is not available to everyone because some people's physical conditions are not suitable to suffer laser eye surgery. There are a series of examination before the surgery to see whether you can take it or not. There are some side effects of laser eye surgery. The rate of amotio retina of people who have taken laser eye surgery is much higher than that of those who didn't. Besides, after the surgery, people should not smoke, drink, use eyes, present in strong light for at least months. Sometimes after surgery people may feel headache and cannot use eyes too much or they will feel blurry vision. This is because eyes after surgery become much more enervated and people have to take cared of them much more careful. In total, laser eye surgery is rather expensive and unnecessarily effective. Eyeglasses are much safer and healthier.
  • emptyheading


    Well, in my opinion, you'd better have the laser eye surgery, for laser eye surgery can last forever only if your eye situation is not damaged by other factors. But on the other hand, eyeglasses can just save the problem in a short time. And eyeglasses are also not some convenient. But for laser eye surgery, the protection of your eyes can be very important, especially in the several months after the surgery. For example, after the surgery, you should not let dirty things get into your eyes, infecting your eyes, or it can make your situation worse. Also, some heavy exercises should be avoided. By the way, you should not overuse your eyes by watching too much tv and computer. Anyway, you should pay more attention to your eyes.
  • Victor Lee


    It's really not a good choice to have lasik eye surgery due to it's bad sides. LASIK causes dry eye, results in loss of visual quality and long term consequences. Serious complications of LASIK may emerge later. LASIK does not eliminate the need for glasses. Rehabilitation options after LASIK are limited.
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