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What happens if your contacts are too strong?

Can i wear contact lenses with stronger prescription? What will happen if i do so?
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  • William pahl


    What if I wear tact’s that are to strong
  • charming_qtee


    It is better for you to wear contact lenses that fit for your actual eyesight. The effect of wearing a stronger prescription contacts depends on how far off it is from the correct prescription and different individuals. Usually, the stronger prescription contact lenses pose damage by reducing the oxygen in the eyes. This kind of lenses can also cause long-lasting headache. In any cases, you should consult an optician to get contact lenses with correct prescription and consult him/her whenever you have problem with your lenses.
  • Kelly eddy


    It is said that the stronger prescription is, the thicker the contact lenses are. Of course the thickness of contact lenses refers to the central point of contact lenses.The prescription of contact lenses seems to be limited. You should firstly make sure if your prescription is too strong to wear contact lenses. Usually, contact lenses with prescription that is lower than 1000 degree can be bought in the shopes. If your prescription is higher than that, you may need to be hard to get contact lenses. I think if you wear contact lenses properly, it won't be a big matter. For example, don't wear contact lenses while doing sports, don't wearing it when you sleep and keep your eyes clean.You'd better wear thick ones, because it won't get dry easily and it is easy for you to wear and take off them.
  • William pahl


    What happens if contacts are to strong

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