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What causes headaches and blurry vision if one have perfect vision?

My child has been complaining of headaches and blurry vision accompanied by pain in her eyes when she tries to focus on computer or TV,l I thought she may need glasses and took her to the doctor,but the doctor said she has perfect eyesight.Then what caused the headache and blurry vision?
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  • Catherine lewis


    I guess that maybe caused by some infections or migraines. Some people get a blurred vision and headache which is a "aura" of migraine. You may go to the ophthalmologist to have a careful eye exam, not only for her prescription but also for eye diseases. If still shows nothing unusual, please let her do a body check, especially for her brain.
  • Michelle percy


    If your headache and blurry vision have nothing to do with your vision problem, then they may caused by other diseases,such as Migraine headaches which is caused by an interaction between blood vessel and nerve abnormalities.People get migraine may suffer blurry vision.So the best way you should do now is to go to hospital and let them check your brain to see whether your brain have suffered diseases.
  • Mya harris


    If the headache and blurry vision last for several days,you'd better go to see your doctor.It can be caused by other disease.
  • Mya


    You need have a full exam to decide what the problem can be.

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