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Is breast milk good for eye infection ?

I heard that breast milk can help reduce swollen and red eyes. So, will it good for eye infection? you know when you get infection, you also get the symptoms of swollen and red eyes etc. Thanks.
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  • misty C.


    Yes, the pure breast milk will do good for the eyes because the breast milk owns the immune factor which has the effect to diminish inflammation. That is why you say the breast milk may help you reduce the swollen and red eyes. However, you should drink the appropriate number of milk. Or else, large number of milk may contain the material which may shape your crystalline lens in the eyes. Thus, drinking the suitable volume of milk may do good for your eyes infection.
  • Blanca C.


    It is studied that breast milk is likely safe to be used in eye and may be effective against bacterial infections and blocked tear ducts. So it is believed among many people that breast milk can heal or relieve conjuctivitis symptoms. They treat conjunctivitis by applying a small amount of breast milk to the affected eye, since there is a particular antibody in the breast milk, called immunoglobulin A, prevents the pink eye bacteria from attaching to the mucosal surface of the eye. If you suffer from pinkeye, you can simply squirt a little breast milk directly onto the surface of your eye and lift your eyelid slightly to help the breast milk circulate underneath. Continue this treatment three times a day for a couple of days until the eye infection has cleared. But if your symptoms become worse, you are supposed to your eye doctor for medical advice. Additionally, conjuctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is a type of eye infection. It causes the eye to become inflamed, crusted, and sore.

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