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Erin jackson


How do you disinfect a contact lens case?

My contact lenses cases have been used half a year. I want to clean and disinfect it. Can you tell me how?
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  • Jada


    People who wear contact lenses normally use contact lens cases to store them, which is made of plastic mainly. It’s easy to harbor bacteria over time and contaminate the lenses. It need to be replaced two or three times each year. At the same time, it's necessary and important to properly sanitize the case to kill the bacteria monthly. Firstly, you have to wash and dry your hands, and remove the contact lenses and set them aside in clean bowls with contact solution separately. And you empty the cases, and wash them with warm water and liquid dish soap to get rid of dirt and other harmful materials. Then, you fill a cooking pot with water to place the cases on the stove top over high temperature. Next, you put the cases into the boiling water for 5 minutes. In the end, you flip the cases on a towel to air dry them.
  • b3phoenix


    First, you can follow your eye doctor's recommends to take the chemical disinfection. Because he knows the situation of your eyes and the types of lenses you may wear. Make sure your contact lenses clean. In chemical disinfection, you may need both cleaning solutions and a contact case. Pay attention to the details of how to make use of them. Second, you can take the thermal disinfection, too. In this process, what need you notice is that you should make sure your have talked with your doctor about the proper procedure and you can keep your lenses on the heat unit for the necessary amount of time. Last, remember keeping clean all the time and try not to pull or tug at your contact. Generally, you are suggested follow all steps in the cleaning process and don't be lazy in any detail when you put in your contact lens. And if you are a lady, please put the following into your heart: You should make efforts to put contacts in before you apply makeup. Because makeup can easily make contacts dirty and infect your eyes so as to lead your eyes to be uncomfortable and even get red and feel itchy.

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