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Connor scott


Can I reduce myopia by doing eye exercises?

Does the eye exercises really help?
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  • cristti


    Probably not, some American officials stated out that there is no evidence that do-it-yourself eye exercises has any effect on reducing myopia. But eye exercises can reduce the eye strain which will make you less tired in your eyes.You'd better keep wearing your eyeglasses which you use for myopia, and take off the glasses to have a rest after long time near vison works.
  • Erin


    No.Doing eye exercises cannot reduce myopia and improve your vision.However, doing eye exercises regularly can relieve your eye strain and strengthen the muscles around eyes so that give your eyes enough time to rest.And then keep your eye healthy.
  • Tracy


    No.You can't rely on the eye exercise to improve your vision.They can only reduce the chance of developing myopia when your vision is good.
  • eddy


    The answer is no.Stop doing your daydream!