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Dawn C.


Why can I see tiny small coloured dots move around?

Am I imagining it or something else? Also when I try to see something,I i don't really concentrate on what i am looking at
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  • duncan


    Yeah, it is common to some extent. Colored dots maybe caused by the special coatings on your glasses, especially when you look through sunlight. Small distortions is also common when looking through lenses, especially if you have strong prescription.If you still feel uncomfortable, you can go back to your eye doctor to check if there is something wrong with your prescription.
  • walkinawayfromu


    Maybe your eyes get too tired.You'd better close your eyes and let them have a rest. If your eyes have got enough time to rest and you still can see tiny small colored dots move around, you should go to your doctor to have your eye checked.
  • Christina


    It may be the sign of cateracts.If it happens suddenly,you need to see a doctor without hesitation.
  • Jordan Brown


    I think it can be called "floaters",it doesn't need treatment but is really annoying.