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How can i make my eyes look more deep set?

Is there any way that can make my eyes look more deep set? How?
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  • Thomas keith


    You can try to make your eyes look more deep set by make up. Proper use of your eyeliner that works for you. You can try to Line your entire eye with eyeliner. Then, apply eyeliner to your waterline and try to use your finger to make a lightly smudge eyeliner on the lower lid. Then, you can also try to take some shimmery white eyeshadow. Hope this can help your eyes look more deep set.


    You could use the dark colored contact lenses to make your eyes look deep. As an accessory, the colored contact lenses will make your eyes look dark and attractive. You may have a try. In addition, you could through the make up to make your eyes look deep, such as using the eye shadow and stick the fake eyelashes.
  • Isabel fergus


    Well, first, I have to say that Deep-set eyes are often large and luminous and can look beautiful with the right makeup tricks. And there are also many people who want to make their eyes look more deep-set. So how to make It.? There are some tips you can follow. For example, you should trace your upper lash lines with dark brown or black pencil eyeliner. And then get as close to the lash lines as possible. And also, using a small eye shadow brush to pat a light, shimmery eye shadow is essential. You should also pat it just up to the crease of your eyelid. Anyway, the lids should be highlighted in light colors and a darker contour added above. This is the basic principle. Maybe you can just have a try.
  • Riley eddy


    There are some ways for you to make the eyes more deep set actually. But to my personal opinion, it has a little funny. Make up, lack of sleep and keep diet to lose weight even beauty surgery will make your eyes deep set. However, bad make up will lead eyes circle though deep set formed. Lack of sleep will induce swollen eyes. Lose weight is also has some risk for your health if you eat too less. Beauty surgery of course has some risk and side-effect to your body. Maybe, take exercises and sports to lose weight in a long run will be a perfect choice. By the way, I think shallow set, which opposite to deep set is also good looking with some people, why you want to make it deep set. It is really no need!