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can i buy cheap reading glasses?

I have some problem focusing on near objects and I think I may need reading glasses.So can I buy cheap reading glasses over-the -counter?
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  • Kelley


    When you can't focus on near objects and have difficulties reading something,then you may need reading glasses to help you.Of course you can buy cheap reading glasses which can help you see more clearly while reading.However, reading glasses that are prescribled by a professional eye doctor will suit you better and relieve from eye strain or headache.If you have strong power for your presbyopia,you'd better go to an eye doctor to have an eye exam and get the reading glasses prescribled for you.If not, you can buy cheap reading glasses,too.
  • walksonfloors


    If your presbyopia is not too bad, it is ok to buy cheap reading glasses at the drugstore or over-the-counter.The cheap reading glasses will meet your needs properly.
  • Alexa


    Don't buy cheap reading glasses at the counter, my pair was bought from one of them, and the presciprion is made wrong, my presbyopia is getting worse than before. A waste of money!

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