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Ethan walker


Why does your vision need to be stable before having lasik surgery?

I want to get lasik surgery. However my vision hasnt been stable at all. can I still get the surgery ?
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  • wesley


    If you get lasik surgery before your vision be stable, your vision will continue to change even after the surgery. On that condition, you will have to wear glasses again, or do the lasik surgery again. If your cornea is thick enough, you can have the chance to do the lasik surgery, but if not, you don't have the chance, that is to say ,you have to wear glasses in your rest of life. Take a careful consideration before any lasik surgery.
  • Nat


    Lasik surgery requires your vision to be stable, or you can't be the candidate for lasik surgery.That's because if you have lasik surgery on an unstable prescription, then your vision will change again after the surgery and then you need re-treat your vision problem.
  • entaliden


    Because the lasik surgery can only cure your current vision,and it can't gurantee that your vision won't change again.If your vision is not stable,it continues to change after the surgery,you still need to wear glasses or have a second surgery.So people who are under 18 are not suggested to have surgery cuz their vision are still changing.

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