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How to know the right sunglasses for my face?

My contact lenses are Embassies with this heat, I do not look good with no glasses, I am fully aware of it. But which model would be more or less?
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  • 04/13/2012

    Vevo the shape of your face: Oval Face: matches any shape frame you can abuse the colors, paying attention only to the skin tone. Face heart: the best frames for this format are narrow because they balance the shapes of the face, mainly the narrow maxillary. Square Face: round or fully rounded models only the sides soften the lines of the face. the best frames are square because the straight lines create the illusion that the face is more angular. elongated face: the sport or combine size causing the faces appear rounded.
  • edward


    I have a square face. So I find many suggestions in what shape of eyeglasses would suit a square face? I think they are useful. If you have a square face too, you can have a look. Hope this helped!
  • Charley


    Sweetie, contact lenses are totally different from sunglasses. Usually sunglasses can't be used in the house because they will darker the environment so that you can't see the things around you clearly in the house. But contacts can be worn no matter inside or outside of the house. They are just designed to correct your vison problems and make your wearing more convenient.
  • leigh sehr


    As I know the sunglasses and contact lenses work differently. I suggest you to buy a pair of Plano sunglasses and a pair of contacts. Sunglasses can prevent your eyes from the harmful UV rays when you are in the outside. The contacts can help correct your vision problems. And you can wear contacts and a pair of Plano sunglasses at the same time. This won't do great damages to your eyesight. But if both your contacts and sunglasses are of prescriptions, you'd better not wear them together. Because the total degrees they give you will be very strong and will lead to headaches or even vomit.
  • waldron143


    You mean the heat in the outside deform your contacts. How does that happen? Wow, it's unbelievable. But...mmm, maybe it could happen. Er, I strongly suggest you to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses because prescription sunglasses can correct your vision problems as well as block harmful UV rays for your eyes. Plus, buy those sunglasses that can block 100% UV rays for you. They are good sunglasses. But maybe it will be a little inconvenient if you want to use sunglasses at home because the light is darker than that in the outside. And the tinted lenses will darker the environment so that you may find it difficult to see things clearly in the house. So you may need to buy a pair of prescription glasses too. Hope this helped!