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Which contact lens solution is best for cleaning and preserving the contacts ?

I'd like my contacts to last as long as possible
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  • Justin fergus


    The basic function of the contact lens solution is to prevent lenses from infection and clean/store the lenses. Eventhough, there are many types of solutions which are featured in multifunction, I don't think they are effective in all functions, so I suggest you go to your eye doctor and ask for their recommendations specific for you. BTW, it is dangerous to wear contact lenses which have been expired.
  • crazyuglycoyote


    Each type of contact lens solution have the purpose of lens disinfection and cleaning.Now on the market there is a contact lens solution called multifinction lens solution. This kind of solution have many purpose to treat the lens so that people will feel comfortable when they wear contact lenses.
  • Ana evelyn


    I don't think the solution can prolong the life of your contacts. They are only used to clean and disinfect the contacts.Whether it can last long depends on the material properties of the lens itself ,the patient's physiology and the users' care to them.

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