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Alexia gerard


Best type of glasses for driving and for computer use?

Do I have to wear two seperate glasses for driving at night and for working infront of computer?
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  • Brittany


    I think you need the bifocal glasses as they have different focus between driving and computer.You can make the upper portion of the lens for far vision and the lower part for near vision according to your prescription. But for better driving at night, the polarized lenses are best. You can ask the optician to make the bifocal glasses with polarized lenses.
  • vincent


    Be good to your eyes, I think you can buy two seperate glasses for driving at night and for working in front of computer. For driving at night, you shall buy specially night vision glasses that specially designed for drivers to give them clear and computer vision when driving in night. While to protect eyes from reflective light from computers, there are special made computer glasses that can give you good eye protections.

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