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Why do my eyes hurt after eye exam?

I just got my eye exam this morning but now my eyes are really sore and also hurt. Is this normal?
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  • Michelle percy


    It is abnormal to get eye hurt after eye exam. Just ask the eye doctor who get you eye exam. Do the instruments that they used were not sterile, or they put the drops in your eyes? If they out the drops in your eyes, it will make your pupils open wide, but it will recover after several hours. If you take the eye exam in sunny day, you shall prepare a pair of sunglasses to help you.
  • Tatiana


    I heard that there is a condition called photophobia. If someone are in this condition, he will be really sensitive to light and feel pain. Also, if the doctor put the drops in your eyes, your pupils will be widened, and make everything up close seem fuzzy. It will cause trouble for you when you are expose to the light. So, after the test, you should take a rest for a while, and your pain will reduce in some degree. In my opinion, it is a normal situation. You don't need to worry about it.
  • b3autifulxlies


    Sorry to hear that, by the way, did they use special instrument to touch your eyes? Or did they give you some kind of eye drops? If no, may be you just need a good rest and recheck your eyes and see if the symptom continues. Normally, a simple eye exam doesn't do harm to eyes. Go and get some sleep afterwards, take some eye exercise properly, or maybe you just gotta relax so as to get rid of those feelings.