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Angela green


What are the side effects of eye makeup?

i like to apply eye makeup everyday but my mother said it is not good for my eyes. What are the side effects of eye makeup?
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  • Vidadimir


    It depends on many factors, for example, the quality or brand of your makeup, and the way you make up and remove them etc. If you not properly use your eyeliners, mascara or shadows, it is likely hurt your eyes or cause infection of your eyes. You know those cosmetics are make up with chemicals that may cause damages to your eyes. So, you shall buy some good cosmetics and make up your eyes in the right way. (^_^)
  • hands4god


    There are two cases for eye discomfort caused by eye make up. First, people are allergic to cosmetics or when cosmetics get into eyes. second, the cosmetics has reached its expiration date. These cases can make eye makeup have side effects. In addition, many young girls like to wear false eyelashes, this is very harmful. Because it is easy to clog pores, and cause eye inflammation or cross-infection, especially the low-quality false eyelashes, it is easy to break, if it get into your eyes, keratitis, which can make your severe vision loss and even blindness.
  • walking_lives_


    Because cosmetics quality has good or bad, bad quality of cosmetics will hurt our eyes. And every person's skin is different. When we are having eye make-up, we should choose one to suit our own. Some experts say, particularly dry autumn and winter, are cosmetics-induced dangerous periods of eye diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to the eye cosmetics in use. For it is too easy to make dust particles into the eyes, so that it is likely to cause eye irritation, redness, pain, photophobia, tearing. What's more worse, it is highly likely to occur with allergic conjunctivitis. So the first thing in the beautification of our eyes, we should prevent the contamination of cosmetics. Secondly, in the make up, we should be gently closed eyes, in order to prevent the powder off. If it is not the occasion needs, we should try to avoid too much eye makeup, to reduce irritation to eyes.
  • walkbyfth


    Most cosmetics will do no harm to the human body when they are first bought from stores, except those to which the skin will be allergic. The source of infection is always from the hands and the dirty environment. Before making up, remember to wash your hands carefully. Keep your cosmetics away from dirt and saliva, the bacteria in which will multiple. Besides, don't share makeup with others. Don't use antiquated makeup. When removing the eye makeup, be careful not to touch the cornea and those sensitive sections, to avoid infection and inflammation. What should be noticed is that the environment in which the cosmetics are stored should be cool and dry. They can easily go bad if long time in high temperature. When the eyes or skin around is inflaming, absolutely don't use makeup until it's recovered.

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