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How to wear sunglasses with glasses?

It may be a stupid question but I really need to glasses to see but summer is coming. I just wonder how people like me wear sunglasses!
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  • Sally


    Do you mean you have bad vision and need vision aids? If so, don't worry, there are several ways you can try. First. Wearing clip on sunglasses Second, choose fit-over sunglasses. The sunglasses can cover your prescription eyeglasses so you still get vision aids and eye protection. Third. Order prescription sunglasses Four. Choose photochromic sunglasses, or transition glasses, can deal with prescription. Five, Wearing contact lenses inside then cover sunglasses.
  • Trinity


    The problem is not stupid, but a very awkward questions. A lot of outdoor-work people, and fashionable people are puzzled by this problem, the people are such as the driver, superstar and so on. In order to be able to take sunglasses while wearing glasses, you can do these: 1. Wear contact lenses, then put on the sun glasses. 2. The sunglasses with a degree directly. 3. Have color eyeglass lenses, which is common glasses in indoor, but turns into the sunglasses outdoor under sunlight. 4.Double glasses,of which the layer is myopic lens, and the outer layer is the sunglasses lens.
  • Justin fergus


    If you're nearsighted and you want to wear sunglasses, I suggest you'd better not wear your glasses with sunglasses, for it's not good for our eyes' health and make our eyes easily tired and it's also not practical. I think you can try to wear contacts instead of glasses, so that your eyes will feel more comfortable and it's also more convenient for you.
  • Melissa duncan


    Here are some ways you can take into consideration. 1. Wearing contacts first and you can choose any sunglasses as your will. 2. Adding a pair of sunglasses clips (zero diopter) in your prescription glasses. But the styles of clips are not so many for you to choose, it may not fit for your frame exactly. They also make the weight of the glasses increases. 3. Wearing a pair of change-color lens. It is very convenient because they will change the color when you are in light, and you can choose the color freely. 4. You can use plastic section stain with your own prescription, when you do sports outdoors in sunshine, you can use the sunglasses. I wear glasses, too. When I go out in summer, I often wear contacts and sunglasses, because when I get to my destination, I just need take off the sunglasses. And wearing glasses and contacts alternatively is benefits for our eyes. Hope it helps you.

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